Inspired by teachers. Built for school districts.

SideKick is a web-based lesson planner that empowers teachers and administrators to take control of their lesson plans.

SideKick simplifies the lesson planning process so you can stay focused on your students.

Detailed Lesson Plans

SideKick gives teachers the option to enter as much or as little lesson plan information as they would like. Lesson plans can span multiple days, as well as multiple classes.


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State Standards

Teachers no longer need to remember state standard codes when creating lesson plans. Aligning lesson plans to state standards is fast and easy with SideKick.


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SIF Agent

Our customized SIF Agent can connect SideKick to your district’s student information system. No more manually inputting students, teachers, and schedules.


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Why choose SideKick?

Teachers can create detailed lesson plans, align them to state standards, submit lesson plans to their administrator for review, and share their lesson plans with other teachers. Administrators can review lesson plans, give feedback, and generate standards-based reports. With SideKick, teachers and administrators can decrease the time it takes to create and review lesson plans so they can focus more time on students.

What our users say.

“SideKick allows us to determine the best time to address skills with students, identify areas in which teachers might need professional development and foster positive collaboration among teachers.”
Kim Race, Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum